November 10, 2022

Pipedrive vs Salesmate: Which one is better for your business?

Pipedrive vs Salesmate

Pipedrive vs Salesmate, Which one is better for your business?

Relax, you should not get stressed about it, we have got you covered.

Nowadays, Customer relationship management software is a must for every business. If you are a businessman, you need to know more about your customer. Customer relationship management software can be useful for you.

As we are going to present a detailed discussion on pipedrive vs salesmate, you can decide which software will be best for you after reading this article. We will highlight the pros and cons of both CRM. As a result, you can understand which medium is best for your business management.

First, we will talk a little about Pipedrive and Salesmate and then discuss the comparison between them.


Pipedrive is a cloud-based software program as a provider organization. It is the developer of the net software and cellular app Pipedrive, an income-consumer courting management tool.

The organization has greater than 1,000 personnel in 8 places of work throughout Europe and places of work withinside the United States. Worldwide greater than 100,000 clients utilize its CRM. In 2020 CRM Pipedrive became the 5th Estonian-based unicorn.


Salesmate is another popular CRM. It is an all-in-one cloud-based Customer relationship management system that enhances consumer interactions and creates chances for winning extra deals.

It gives a smooth-to-use approach to simplify complicated income methods for companies of all styles and sizes. It is an honestly shrewd cloud-based CRM answer that empowers income reps to be extra productive. Growing their income and being attractive deeply to their clients.

With Salesmate, it is smooth for companies to manipulate their pipeline. Keep time in any respect ranges of the income cycle. And win new clients without breaking engagement.

Comparative Discussion Between Pipedrive vs Salesmate

Pipedrive vs Salesmate comparative discussion
Comparative Factors of Pipedrive vs Salesmate

Work mobility

When you are in business, there are many things you need to keep in mind for business. One such essential feature is Work mobility. It reduces a lot of your workload. Also helps to keep a certain set-up for your business to be more dynamic. When you need to send mail to many places, it helps you to do the job.

Salesmate can help you with workflow management in both pricing plans. Salesmate gives you 10 workflows in the Starter Plan and 25 in the Growth Plan when you need them. Again, it helps you to send 250 emails/user in the starter plan and 500 emails/user in the growth plan.

In Pipedrive, you don’t get workflow automation withinside the Essential plan. For the relaxation of the three plans, you may get 30, 60, and hundred workflows because the plan grows.

Conformity of Email

In sending out emails the usage of automation is a big part of consumer conversion. You can install emails on autopilot mode for each level of your income conformity of email assistance you are taking normal observe-ups. Pipedrive, Close, and Salesmate – all 3 permit you to in specific ways.

First, let’s speak about the Pipedrive Customer Relationship Management software. This CRM no longer provides Conformity of Email as a local characteristic. There are adequate integrations to try this task. Pipedrive includes 24 e-mail advertisements. Marketing gear and you could get it without difficulty fetching statistics. But, you need to join an e-mail advertising and marketing tool. And that’ll be more money from your pocket.

Salesmate is another popular CRM software. This can be the best Pipedrive CRM alternative. With Salesmate, you get integrated income observation up Conformity of Email. You can lay out a series with custom steps and ideal triggers. You could additionally encompass texts to your collection with Salesmate. This characteristic is to be had to grow customers.

Management of Pipeline

Managing the pipeline is something each enterprise needs. Every enterprise version has an exclusive need and its income pipelines must be secure.

Starting with Pipedrive, pipeline control is the USP of this CRM. Hence, you’re getting this option in each Pipedrive CRM plan without any restrictions. You can upload more than one offer. And position them withinside the proper degree. The pipeline with an easy drag & drop.

However, it’s far more important that Salesmate CRM gives equal facility in each plan on equal power. You can control more than one offer with a drag & drop. You can create more than one customizable pipeline in step with your enterprise.

Calling and Texting

Calling your possibilities is one of the ultimate critical abilities for any income agent. A group of capabilities comes like name recording, forwarding, transfer, texting, etc.

If calling and texting are your priority, then Salesmate is the high-quality alternative for you. You get combined calling in each of the plans with all of the vital capabilities. Like forwarding, recording, transferring, and textual content messaging. In Salesmate you can virtually get a digital telecell smartphone and start making calls. If you’re presently using RingCentral as your telephony, you may combine it with Salesmate.

Pipedrive gives this selection as “Caller”. it’s miles to be had in Professional & Enterprise plans only.

Pricing: Pricing is one of the essential elements when selecting a CRM. As a commercial enterprise, you may be spending on each user, each month. I’m taking every year’s subscription pricing for all 3 gears to provide you with a higher idea.

Management Cost

CRM like Pipedrive has four plans beginning from $12.50/user/month to $99/user/month. In the Essential plan of Pipedrive CRM, you may get all of the fundamentals to start your commercial enterprise. Now no longer sufficient to run it. What I suggest to mention.

It is essential for functions like Calling, Workflow Automation, and Product Catalog. You without a doubt must spend greenbacks on those functions.

Salesmate CRM is the inexpensive alternative out of our 3 options. It has easy plans. Named Starter ($12/user/month) and Growth ($24/user/month). Everything is essential to run your commercial enterprise. It is protected withinside the Starter plan. If you want to grow your company fast. you may improve the Growth plan.


Ultimately, after knowing the different factors of Pipedrive vs Salesmate, now you will be able to choose one by considering the above discussion. We think both platforms are amazing in words of user experience and customer service. Hope our article helps you find the best CRM for your business.

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