March 20, 2022

15+ Reasons to Never Outsource Your Copywriting

Reasons to Never Outsource Your Copywriting

Copywriting greatly impacts your brand communications such as words of your website, email, advertising, and others. Hiring a good copywriter is not easy and that’s why many people just rely on outsourcing. I can tell that’s not a clever choice for your business. To clear my point of view, I am presenting more than 15 reasons to never outsource your copywriting.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting refers to the process of writing persuasive words that inspire audiences to take a specific action. These words are known as Copy and have the power to boost your sales which generates more revenue. You can see the use of copies in all kinds of communications of a brand, especially in advertising.

Let’s Explore the Reasons to Never Outsource Your Copywriting

Reasons to Never Outsource Your Copywriting Services

1. No brand association

If you want to write a good copy that fulfils the purpose of your communication, you must have to have a clear idea about the brand. Having no or less knowledge about the brand results in irrelevant copies. You will get that a lot if you outsource copywriting for your business.

2. Poor writing quality

The main tendency of a freelancer is to deliver the task as fast as they can and get paid. They focus more on task requirements rather than the quality of it. You may get your job done with less time by outsourcing but the output will give you enough reasons to never outsource your copywriting in the future.

3. Less or no experience

Many noobs work as freelance copywriters and there are many outsourcing companies that hire inexperienced or less experienced employees at a lower salary. As a result, outsourcing your copywriting can be a nightmare for your business.

4. No accountability

Getting a copy from outsourcing is much easier and faster but there is barely any accountability you can expect from them. When you are outsourcing copy, you should expect less or no accountability from the freelancers. So, if you do not check the copy by yourself, you may witness mistakes or irrelevant content in the copy.

5. No prior knowledge

Copywriting is not a piece of cake and requires prior knowledge to do it right. If you think that copy is just a small piece of text, then you are underestimating it. Copywriting is considered a more advanced form of writing than general content writing.

So, if you get a copy from a person who does not have enough knowledge, you will get the week copy that may not fulfill your needs.

6. Less creativity

Copy is a great element to show your creativity and divert more visitors into customers. Just like visuals, you should play with the copy to draw attention and raise the interest of the customers. You may not find the creativity when you outsource copy rather just text that delivers the message.

Experienced copywriters spend time playing with the right wording and structure to make the copy more appealing to the audience.

7. Poor SEO

SEO-optimized content is the key when you are doing digital marketing. Generally, outsourced copies are poor in SEO optimization. So, you may end up getting no outcome from your campaign. You need to hire a copywriter who has proper SEO knowledge so that he can produce SEO-optimized copy.

8. Duplicate content

Plagiarism is a major concern that everyone should care about. With duplicate content, you can not perform better online. Besides that, you may get copyright claims from the original creators. There are agencies and freelancers who just copy from others and make a little or no change before submitting to their clients.

9. Inconsistent brand tonality

Each and every brand has its own tone that it uses in all communications. It’s very crucial to maintain consistency in communications for any brand so that customers can perceive a certain brand personality. Outsourcing copy for your brand communication may rise inconsistency in brand tonality.

10. Flat copy

A direct message is good for some communications but those should not be emotionless. One copywriter must make the copy interesting rather than a flat one.

Flat copies take no time to think but the audience often shows less interest in them. So, do not just emphasize fast output and outsource copy rather hire an experienced copywriter to get interesting copies.

11. Fail to draw attention

Hook the audiences to your brand communications and inspire them to take an action is your main purpose of writing a copy. Generally, experienced copywriters use a hook in their copies to grab the attention of the readers in the first few seconds. You will not find that kind of high-quality copy if you go for outsourcing.

12. Boring Headings

We all notice the headings of any communication to make the initial judgment. Most brands gain or lose their potential customers at the first impressions of their communications.

13. Wrong writing style

When it comes to copywriting, communication is more like talking with your audience rather than regular writing. Good copywriters write the copy in a way that sounds like they are talking with the person. You may not the proper writing style from a freelance copywriter.

14. Less engagement

Copywriters spend hours writing a line that makes motivates people to engage with the communications while freelancers try to write faster not focusing on the engagement factor. This is one of the crucial reasons to never outsource your copywriting.

15. Lack of language efficiency

Copywriters must have proper language efficiency in which language he is writing the copy. For example, if he is writing a copy in English he must have enough competence in the English language.

Many outsourcing companies hire copywriters who do have not enough language efficiency. As a result, there are many grammatical and spelling makes found that can cause a negative impact on your brand.

16. Miscommunication

If you take a closer look at the reasons to never outsource your copywriting, you will notice that miscommunication causes the worst problem. If you have in house copywriter, you can ensure proper communication and get the best quality copy.


Copywriters help your business grow with their convincing writing that increases sales and revenue. Having a copywriter in your team can be a great asset for your business. Besides the value of having a good copy in your brand communications.

So, it is not wise to outsource such important services where there are so many reasons to never outsource your copywriting.

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