December 1, 2022

Why Lawyers Hate Marketing Agencies- 7 Major Reasons

Why lawyers hate marketing agencies

Are you curious to know why lawyers hate marketing agencies?

If yes, keep reading because you are about to find out the real answer.

In today’s world, finding a trusted marketing agency is challenging. Marketing agencies often make guarantees but sometimes fail to keep their promises. The lawyers feel very uneasy about this fraud dealing. Also, cheating on customers is illegal by law. As a result, lawyers have a negative mentality about marketing agencies.

Why lawyers hate marketing agencies- 7 major reasons

Lawyers and marketing agencies always have opposite positions. Lawyers usually hate marketing agencies due to some drawbacks and limitations. Some lawyers think marketing agencies should make their promises according to the policy. We have researched this issue and found the 7 major reasons why lawyers hate marketing agencies.

7 reasons why lawyers hate marketing agencies
Why lawyers hate marketing agencies- 7 major reasons

1. Agencies do not keep promises.

The promise is considered a great virtue in the world of business where you may find that many agencies keep breaking promises. In this digital world, it is hard to work with a partner who keeps breaking promises and has no regret about it.

As a result, the conflict between lawyers and marketing agencies is often witnessed. Lawyers have a negative attitude toward the agency and that makes them hate the agencies.

You can search for a trusted marketing agency so that you can be assured of your tasks will be done according to the plan and promises. There are many agencies, but how would you know which will be best for you? If thereby you handed your money to the fraud agency, you may end up losing the money and your lawyers will not like it.

Marketers will convince you to invest money in their agencies. They will commit to providing you with considerable interest, but sometimes, they can’t. So the lawyers hate them because they guarantee but can’t deliver according to their commitments.

2. Marketing Makes them uncomfortable.

Marketing agencies are always promising about SEO, Lead Generation, Increasing Sales, etc. But, these services are more challenging than they describe. In most cases, service takers do not receive the promised levels of clients and service sales. Those who practice law think this kind of cheating can’t be a noble profession.

In the lawyer’s opinion, they believe that businesses often make a profit by cheating on other people. This is strongly prohibited by law. So, they feel uncomfortable with marketing.

3. The aspect of ROI (Return on Investment)

Return on Investment (ROI) measures an investment’s monetary value against its cost. It is a mathematical formula used to calculate the Investment and judge how well a particular asset has performed compared to others. Lawyers often fear working with a marketing agency from a Return of Investment perspective. They fear a decrease in return on Investment and an increase in spending.

Some law firms want to use their resources wisely with a significant budget. But marketing tells us to keep an efficient budget for expected ROI. As a result, law firms show a negative image of marketing agencies.

4. Agencies go against law ethics

For many years, every nation or every country has been practicing law. A country can save itself from being corrupted by statute. Also, there are many rules to abide by. A Marketing Agency also has to go through some obligations. Otherwise, no one can do their work smoothly.

Law never taught to go out of rules and regulations. But currently, most marketing agencies are corrupt. They want to earn money in any way where they don’t care about legal or illegal. This goes against law ethics and that’s why lawyers hate marketing agencies for their iniquity.

5. Marketing is a waste of money

Marketing is not always an excellent investment. Its output mainly depends on better processes and the agency’s capability. Lawyers want to gain popularity through self-campaigns. They usually get their clients through their family, friends, and acquaintances circle.

Lawyers spend most of their time in various conferences and meetings, thereby getting more networks. They think this process of networking is legal and enough for their identity. So, advertising or marketing seems a little bit of a waste of money to them.

6. Lawyers are smarter than marketers (They think)

Every profession has its greatness. There is always a tendency to have a bias about understanding your business. The prejudice is even so extreme for lawyers as they rely on their institutions. The increased dependency on oneself makes them think they are smarter than other marketers.

Some of them may do well. But, the outcome is unwanted. Lawyers always put their profession in a higher position against marketing. That creates a lower tendency for marketing agencies.

7. Nothing solid to sell

This objection is often raised by lawyers who do not believe in marketing for services. They think it is a waste of resources and will not give any significant outcome. They also think that their services could be more extensive. This claim is proper to a certain extent as an investment for services generally.

However, a well-structured marketing campaign can give significant insights into client preferences. But, from a lawyer’s perspective, marketing services are limited and not better than traditional resources.


So, now you clearly understand why lawyers hate marketing agencies. We hope that it will be workable for your next step. Just Remember, all the lawyers aren’t negative thinkers, and all the marketing agencies aren’t cheaters and law brokers.

You just have to find the right one for you who always obey the law and follow the legal procedures in their marketing activities. On the other hand, there are also some agencies out there that barely care about the law. Before making any loss, you have to think wisely. Your correct decision will make your journey so smooth and fruitful.

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